Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Courtney & Ronnie's Wedding

Happy Hump Day Everyone! I hope your week has been going awesome! Work has been a bit crazy on my end, but it is a good kind of crazy because I am learning all new things!

Today I wanted to recap my cousin, Courtney's, wedding! Last Friday everyone got all dolled up and made their way to partake in the wonderful festivities of their ceremony and reception.

Ronnie's family is Assyrian, so the wedding followed a more traditional Chaldean theme.  There was crowns, pins, dancing and tons and tons of glamorous people.  Courtney went with a pale pink and champagne themed wedding that turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! But I digress...

Michigan has been having a lot of rain lately, so there was some apprehension that it would rain the day of their wedding, and it did.  However, it rained for a total of thirty minutes while everyone was at the ceremony and it did not interfere with any of their events. 

The church was filled with tons of family on both sides and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  Courtney walked down to the same song that Mandy Moore walked down the aisle to in "A Walk to Remember" and I was instantly crying when the song came on.  The ceremony lasted about thirty minutes but it felt like it flew by.

After the ceremony, everyone made their way to the reception hall, and let me just say, it was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!  The had white curtains hanging all around the room with pink accent lighting.  The flowers were a beautiful mix of pink and white and some arrangements were tall while others were short.  I love how they mixed it up.

The evening was filled with delicious food, great alcohol and dancing which is the perfect way to end a wedding! My night ended with sore feet and big smiles, that is for sure.

Congratulations Courtney & Ronnie!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Danielles Birthday + a Diamond Mouse Pad

Hello Everyone! I hope your Tuesday is going well! I wanted to share with you today a quick recap of Danielle's birthday celebration we had last week! 

My girlfriends and I always try to make it a point to get together once a month for any reason that we see fit, and for the month of July, that just happened to be Danielle's birthday!

We made plans to go to dinner at Mongolian BBQ (BD's) which was a ton of fun because Caroline had never been before! If you do not know what Mongolian BBQ is, then you are seriously missing out!

When you get to the restaurant, they take your drink order and hand you a bowl.  This is where the fun comes in: you get to pick what you eat! There is a buffet where you pick your meat, veggies and cooking sauce!  This time around I had chicken/shrimp with a medley of different vegetables all cooked with their Asian Peanut Sauce.  Yummmmyyy.

After dinner, we made our way back to my apartment to have cake and make crafts! For this get together, we all made our very own mouse pads.  Danielle found a tutorial online that seemed pretty simple, so she bought all the supplies and we each got to make our own mouse pad.  Now to just get a mouse for my laptop, haha! 

Mine was hues of turquoise/green, Danielle's looked very similar to the tutorial, Caroline did red and white with red glitter, Sarah did hues of puples/gold and Kimmy did a Batman/Superman combined look.  It is so fun to see how different everyone's creativity is! And the best part, it did not cost all that mush to make.  

If you'd like to make your very own version of this mouse pad, check out the video below! Her tutorial is pretty straight forward and easy to follow!

Happy Birthday Danielle! 

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Monday, August 4, 2014

It's August Already?! What in the World?!

Hi Everyone! Apparently a month has gone by since I last checked in and that is pretty lame! So much has been going on that I have not been able to keep up with everything and unfortunately the blog suffered for it.

Luckily, I have found a renewed since of fervor to get my rear end in gear and hop back on the blogging wagon! 

August is not going to be nearly as busy as previous months because we just don't have as much going on - and to be honest, I am totally okay with that! I feel like we have been moving at lightening speed and the slower pace will be much enjoyed.

In Chronological Order:
  • Courtney and Ronnie's Wedding (update to come shortly)
  • Stephanie's Surprise birthday party
  • Dwayne Comes to Visit
  • Redecorating the Guest Bedroom
  • Trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • Celebrating my Father-in-Law's Birthday
  • Renaissance Festival 
  • Up North for Labor Day

Other happenings in August! 

Since July came and went and we are already on August 4th, I am starting a bit behind the game this month.  However, I plan on getting my stuff together and getting my butt in gear! 

My Challenges in August are:

The Maze Runner movie is coming out sometime this Fall, so I am looking forward to reading the book prior to watching the movie.  Unfortunately, I need to finish June and July's book before I can move on to August's book.

Question of the Day:
What fun things do you have planned for August?

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let the Fireworks Begin!

Hello JULY!

It is amazing how quickly the time flies by when you are having fun and June was definitely a fun month for us! Between the wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthday celebrations and strawberry picking, I feel like I blinked and the month was over.  I believe I am almost all the way caught up with my posts from June  ( I know I am missing my book review) so if you have not been around for a while, come check out some of the exiting things that we did in June!

Like May & June, July will also be a fun-filled month for us.  However, it will start out a little slower than most months because I will be studying for my CAPM exam on July 11th! Once I pass that exam, the real fun can begin.

In Chronological Order:
  • Up North for the 4th of July
  • Visit Danielle's family while we are up north
  • CAPM Exam
  • Caroline's Bachelorette Party
  • Dress Shopping (for me) for Courtney & Ronnie's Wedding
  • Coffee with Wendy
  • Barbecue Party
  • Movie Monday with Justin
  • Surprise Trip for Justin

Other happenings in JULY!

June was a disaster for working out, so I am going get back on track with the fitness challenges for the month of July.  I also am behind on my June read, so I am likely going to have two book reviews for July.

My Challenges in June are:

Justin and I watched The Monuments Men movie last week and it was really good so I am hoping that I enjoy the book as much as I did the movie.   I also need to get my butt in gear for working out - I promised my doctor I'd lose 50 pounds by March of next year and so far I am only down seven - only 43 to go! 

Question of the Day:
What fun things do you have planned for July?

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Monday, June 30, 2014

6 Places + Weekend Review

Happy Monday Everyone! I trust that you had an excellent weekend filled with fun and adventure.

My weekend was not very exciting since I was holed up at home studying for my big exam on July 11th.  I know I have mentioned my taking the CAPM exam before - but it is even more of a reality now since the exam is a little over a week away! Ahhh.   Suffice to say, this weekend was very chill and relaxing.  Even the cats took advantage of the quiet and were very lazy sleepy.

Today I wanted to continue with Day 5 of the 10 Day You Challenge.  If you have not had a chance to view my other challenges, please click this link ---> linky to check them out.  This is just a little fun challenge as a way for you all to get to know me a little better and a way for me to challenge you all as your write your blogs.

Day 5: Six Places

1. On the Couch with Justin 

Justin and I really enjoy watching movies and television together, so I can say with full honesty that our couch is one of my favorite places to be.  Plus, we have a super comfortable couch, so it is always relaxing to pop a squat on the couch and watch something together

2. Cuddling in Bed with My Kitties

Both of my kitties are snuggle-bugs when it comes to laying in bed and will take every opportunity to cuddle as closely as possible while were are laying in bed.  The only problem is I can hardly ever get a good picture of both of them because Leilah is our speed demon.

3. Anywhere with My Girlfriends

My girlfriends and I try to get together at least once a month and so far we have been successful for almost every month for the last year and a half.  I look forward to getting together with my girlfriends because they bring such a light to my life and laughter is always to be had when they are around.

4. My Grandma's House at Christmastime 

For the last 20+ years, my cousins and I have been going to stay the night at my grandma's house and I can say with full honesty that being there is one of my favorite places on this earth.  My grandma is such a wonderful woman and has instilled such a fondness for family in our lives.  

5. Up North

I have talked several times on the blog about my love for going to the cabin, so of course it had to make it's way onto this list.  There is something so calming about being up north away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoying a quiet and relaxing time away.

6. Jamaica

This place has been on my mind so much lately that I seem to be constantly daydreaming about it.  I think I left a piece of my heart in Jamaica when I went there.  The minute I get an opportunity to make my way back to Jamaica, I will most definitely be doing so.

Question of the Day: What are you favorite places? 

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