Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday #5

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today I am linking up with Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and The Larson Lingo for the What's Up Wednesday Post.  What's Up Wednesday occurs on the last Wednesday of every month and it is a fun list of questions getting ready for the upcoming month!

1. What We're Eating this Week: 
I have been in such a food rut lately and with it being so hot out, I have not done much cooking lately.  This week I am excited to try this Tortellini Recipe that I had pinned on Pinterest.  Justin and I both have a great love of pasta so I think this recipe will be right up our alley of things we have to try.

2. What I'm Reminiscing About
One of the lovely ladies I went to college with started working with me at my job a few weeks ago and we have been having a ton of fun talking about college and all of the fun we used to have in college.  It has been really great having her work here and finally having someone closer to my age to work with.  

3. What I'm Loving
Michigan has finally been cooling down a little bit.  Yesterday was a around 65 degrees for the whole day and that is the perfect temperature for me.  I really enjoy hot weather when there is no humidity, but Michigan does not usually have hot weather without humidity.  When the weather sits between 65-70 degrees, there is low humidity which makes me a happy camper. 

4. What We've Been Up To
August has not been as busy of a month for us, so we have had a ton of time to relax and catch up on any chores around the apartment that we needed to do.  This past weekend we also celebrated my Father-in-Laws birthday with Justin's family.  It was so nice to have a relaxing day at the pool with his family ~ plus we always love time with our niece and nephew.

5. What I'm Dreading
I have podiatrist appointment early this morning that I have been dreading for the past few weeks.  I started seeing my podiatrist a little over 6 weeks ago and I absolutely adore him.  He is kind and pays great attention to his patients.  Plus, he actually talks to me for more than 2 minutes like every other doctor.  The reason that I am dreading the appointment is because last time I was there, he said that if my ankles/feet don't start "calming down" he is going to have to put my in physical therapy.  I really do not want to go to Physical Therapy.  Like reallllyyyyy do not want to do that.  But if it helps my feet/ankles while I am training for this half marathon, then I should probably listen to his advice.

6. What I'm Working On
Random fact of the day: I have always wanted to write a book... So guess what? That is exactly what I am doing.  Right now I am not going to talk to much about it because I am not 100% certain what direction this will take, but I am a bit anxious/excited about the possibility of writing & publishing a book.  All I know is when someone asked me what I would do if I knew I could not fail, the first thing that came to mind was writing a book.  Even if I never publish anything, I want to be able to say that I tried.

7. What I'm Looking Forward To
Getting away for Labor Day weekend.  I have not had any vacation yet this year, so I am looking forward to getting away with Justin and his family for a quick weekend getaway.  His parents bought a pontoon boat this year so I am hoping we can spend some time out on the boat relaxing. 

8. What I'm Watching/Reading
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I have been watching Bachelor in Paradise. It is one of my biggest guilty pleasures and I cannot stop watching even if I wanted.  I am also watching America's Next Top Model {also a ton of drama this year}, Mistresses, and catching up on Project Runway.  With September right around the corner, a lot of my favorite shows will be coming back, so this girl is very happy.

9. What I'm Listening To
I created this crazy upbeat and fast-paces running playlist for when I am going out for my runs.  I am at the point in my training that I am doing strictly miles instead of time, so I am going to need quicker music to keep me going.  Right now, my favorite song is Pumpin' Blood by NONONO.  I love it because when I need to ground myself, this song reminds me that my heart is there and it is working.

10. What I'm Wearing
A few weekends ago, I went shopping with Christina and got a ton of clothing.  We went to our local mall and shopped around for over five hours.  I am pretty sure we hit every store that had clothing for ladies.  I was not able to find pictures of everything that I purchased, but I did find this dress on the H&M website.  They were having a huge sale and I purchased this dress.  I was thinking it could be super cute with a pair of nude booties and an over sized cardigan.  This dress is so comfortable and soft!

11. What I'm Doing this Weekend
This weekend we do not really have any plans.  We tentatively have plans to go putt putt golfing and out to dinner with some friends of ours and I really hope it pans out.  They both are in grad school so it is always a little more difficult to get time on their calendars.  I sure do love spending time it them though so it will be awesome if it pans out.  

12. BONUS: What is your favorite back to school tradition? 
Shopping for school supplies.  I am obsessed with school supplies and absolutely love anything office supply related, so this time of year is great for me because you can get almost any supply at a discounted price.  Yes! 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fort Sleepover x3!

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope your first day back to work for the week went excellent! Have you had a chance to link up to my linky party yesterday? I sure hope so! I'd love to get a better chance to interact with you all and see what awesome things you did over the weekend.  

Can you believe that we are already on year three of our annual fort sleepover? I cannot believe that a year has already gone by and we have successfully had three awesome fort sleepovers.  

This year we again used the wooden frame that Justin built for us last year.  I am so thankful to him for building the frame for us so that we can have a more epic fort.  It makes such a huge difference with building because we can have a lot more height and we do not have to worry about a cat dive-bombing the fort like the first year.  

Once the fort was built and the twinkle lights were strung up, we had to take some fun and goofy photos of the group.  We ended up setting my phone up on the shelf and using my selfie button that Danielle got me for Christmas to take pictures of us while we were in hanging out in the fort.  There was a ton of pictures taken, but I thought these were some of the more silly and fun pictures of us in the fort.


Once the pictures were taken and we were all set, we put our pajamas on and Christina made us Root Beer Beer Floats.  Have you heard of Not Your Father's Root Beer? I had heard rumblings about this delicious alcoholic root beer, but have not had the chance to try it until now.  Christina was able to track some down at the Meijer by her house, but let me tell you, it is difficult to find here in the mitten.

After the floats were made, we put in The Clue Movie.  A while back we had had a group discussion around the fact that Tim Curry is an amazing actor and that we needed to have a Tim Curry night.  Well, we never had a Tim Curry night, but we did end up watching Clue and I absolutely LOVE that movie.  The humor is so dry, yet so funny which is right up my alley.

After Clue, we watched Clueless.  Unfortunately, I ended up falling asleep during that movie so I did not get to enjoy the girliness and silliness of that movie like everyone else.  Once that movie was done, we all basically fell asleep for the evening.

Overall, such a great and awesome evening!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Highs and Lows #2

Hello everyone!I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and exciting adventures  If you want more information about the party, please check out this post


This weekend was the Third Annual Fort Sleepover! I am so excited how well the fort turned out this time and have not had the heart to tear it down yet.  Honestly, if I could leave it up until Christmas rolled around I 100% would.  But that is just the kid in me screaming out.  I am planning to do another post tomorrow with a longer recap of the fort and the fun times that were had. 

This coming Wednesday is my father-in-law's birthday so yesterday we made our way over to their house to celebrate with Justin's family.  The celebration started off with Janelle, Marcy and myself hopping in the pool for a swim with the kids.  To be honest, the water was a bit cold for my liking, but it felt good pretty quickly after that.

Then all of a sudden a water fight broke out and Justin and his dad were using the squirt guns and squirting us with water.  However, JP got ahold of one of the squirt guns and we ended up soaking Justin and his dad.  Such a fun time in the pool.

After swimming we had dinner and enjoyed some chocolate cake that I baked.  Such a fun time hanging out with his family celebrating a special guy.


If there is one thing I hate more than anything it is doing the dishes and doing laundry.  Guess what we had to do today... both.  There are times where I wish that I did not have to grow up and I could just live in a fort in my living room.  But the chores are done and we were able to relax for the evening before heading back to a busy work week.

Thanks for joining! I cannot wait to read all of your awesome Highs and Lows!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday Inspiration

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you had a wonderful week and have some fun an exciting plans for this weekend! Tonight we are having our Third Annual Fort Sleepover! I am super excited for the girls to come over and build another awesome fort in my living room.  #theinnerchildlives

Isn't this meme great? I laughed really hard when I saw it and had to share it with you all.  I know, I'm childish, but I think farts are hilarious and I am sure that more than one will be shared with the group tonight.  

Lately, I have been dealing with a ton of internal negative dialogue, so I started pinning a ton of inspirational quotes.  Thankfully, they have been helping me out, so I figured I would share some with you all that have helped me this week (and will continue helping in the future).


{This one has been really hitting home for me this week}


The quote about evaluating your words before they come from your mouth has been sticking in my mind this week.  I have a tendency to say things out of frustration // anger then end up getting myself in trouble.  The worse part is I do not realize I am doing it until, oftentimes, it is too late.  So to keep myself on track, I made that image the background on my phone.  

I want my life to be filled with purpose, and part of that is making sure that my words and my actions are deliberate.  I do not want to walk through life willy-nilly ~ I want to be filled with purpose.  

Anyway! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to hearing what fun things you did over the weekend at the Weekend Highs and Lows linky party on Monday

Question of the Day: What is your favorite inspirational quote? 
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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #2

Happy Thursday Friends! 

I am super excited because I am linking up with Running with Spoons and some other fellow bloggers for the Thinking Out Thursdays Linky Party.

What it is…
A weekly celebration of quirks and randomness! An opportunity to take the pressure and stress out of writing by sharing whatever it is that happens to pop into your mind when you begin to type — all worries about sense and structure pushed aside. A collection of random and disjointed thoughts, just because.

1.  I am overly obsessed with my Papermate Flair pens.  Like, super obsessed.  I cannot leave the house without my pens in my bag and if, for some crazy reason, I do not have them, my life seems a bit disorganized.  Honestly, there is just something so wonderful about having so much color in my life.  #OCDmuch?

2.  I am frustrated that I do not have more time to dedicate to my Etsy Shop.  I started it back in June and have had a few likes, but no purchases yet.  I know these things take time, but I am impatient.  If anyone has tips on how to increase traffic to Etsy.  #boohoo #illstopwhiningnow

3. Sometimes I wish I was passionate about only a few things.  I know this sounds a bit strange, but I feel like I have too many interests where I cannot just pick one.  If you were to walk through our apartment and look at ALL of the craft supplies I have, you would not see one specific theme.  I have paint supplies, scrapbook supplies, quilting//sewing supplies, glitter, knitting supplies, hundreds of movies, hundreds of books... the list goes on.  I sometimes wish that I could just pick one thing and stick to only that.  I think maybe that will have to be my goal soon... one hobby a month? What do you all think? #needtodecide 

4. I am addicted to my Christmas themed tumbler cup.  I love that the cup is 22oz, has a straw and it does not sweat at all.  I am really picky about condensation and hate when cups sweat, so I was glad when I tried this cup out and it did not sweat one bit! I believe I bought this cup from Zulily last fall when they were having their Christmas decoration sales, but I am not 100% certain.  I did find some on Amazon though that are not all Christmas themed! I would highly recommend checking them out. #butitsnotChristmas 

5. So guess what I did last night... Yup! I tried pole dancing for the first time.  Honestly, I knew it was going to be difficult, but I did not realize exactly how difficult.  I was able to do a few of the moves and will continue going to learn more.  I am not looking to do any stripping or anything, just looking for exercise and some fun with my girlfriends. #icouldbarelyspin #totallyhaveafuturehere #not

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