Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday #4

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today I am linking up with Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and The Larson Lingo for the What's Up Wednesday Post.  What's Up Wednesday occurs on the last Wednesday of every month and it is a fun list of questions getting ready for the upcoming month!

1. What We're Eating this Week:
Justin has been sick the last few days, so it has been simple meals like pizza or cereal (or whatever he is interested in eating) but we will be getting back into our routine on Thursday with Crockpot BBQ Chicken.  I came across this recipe on Pinterest and I am excited to give it a try. 

2. What I'm Reminiscing About
I've been daydreaming a lot about Jamaica lately and the wonderful trip we had for our honeymoon. There are days I wish we could just hop on a plane and make our way back there for another week of fun in the sun.  Hopefully when I go to Uruguay in October, I will get the same type of relaxation I had on this trip.

3. What I'm Loving
I have been collecting cans and bottles to raise funds for the Pokot People in Kenya and everyone has been super supportive of me.  It is incredible how much support people have given me and I have to say it has been motivating me to get my butt on the move and train for the 1/2 marathon

4. What We've Been Up To
July has been a bit of a crazy month for us - between our 4th of July party, going to Grand Haven Beach and having friends stay at our apartment, we have not had a dull moment.  I'm loving spending so much time with people that I love.

5. What I'm Dreading
I'm am running a 5k this coming Sunday with my cousins and it is going to be super hot outside.  I'm dreading the race because I have been having issues regulating my breathing and have been cramping up on my runs.  I will just make sure to drink a lot of water and stretch.  Hopefully that will relieve that stress on my body.

6. What I'm Working On
My main focus lately has been getting ready for my trip to Uruguay with my girlfriends.  We've been making plans for all of the places that we want to visit while we are there.  I can honestly say that I have easily 30-40 links saved in my bookmarks.  Not to mention the fact that I have several pins ready for me to read when I have a few minutes.  Right now I am looking the most forward to the Iguazu Falls and Cabo Polonio.  

7. What I'm Looking Forward To
Next weekend I am going away for a cousin's weekend and I'm super excited! I was not able to go on the trip last year because I was busy studying for my CAPM exam.  Thankfully, this year I have no big exams to study for so I will be able to enjoy the weekend with my cousins and have some fun recreating this picture:

8. What I'm Watching/Reading
This summer I have been hooked on Pretty Little Liars, Mistresses, Extreme Weighloss, and my new addiction: Astronaut Wives Club.  If you have not had a chance to check it out, you should! Great show

9. What I'm Listening To
Ever since the 4th of July I have been hooked on the Daft Punk station on Pandora.  I've been a bit overwhelmed lately and up beat and high energy music helps relieve some of the stress.  I've also been addicted to the CD Wendy made for me as a thank you for letting them crash at our place.  The CD starts out super up beat and slows down to some great chill music.  Perfect for the drive home from work {especially with all the traffic we have had lately}.

10. What I'm Wearing
I bought this jumpsuit on a whim a few weeks ago and had no idea where I was going to wear it until I was invited to my friend's bachelorette party.  The theme was Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so of course I went straight for my jumpsuit.  I would share pictures of the Bachelorette Party, but the bride specifically asked we not put any pictures up on social media, so here's a picture of the jumpsuit:

11. What I'm Doing this Weekend
Dwayne and Wendy are passing through the mitten this weekend, so on Friday I will be spending some time with them.  Saturday we do not have any major plans {I think Justin is golfing?} then on Sunday I am running a 5k in the morning and probably going swimming with a girlfriend if she's free

12. What Will You Miss About Summer
I think I will miss the long sunny days.  It has been very hot in Michigan {for Michigan anyway} lately, so I will not miss the heat much.  I will miss having the sun up at 6:30 and setting at 9:30.  I am definitely a sun baby and love seeing the sun out.

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I'd love to hear from you!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Bought a Coloring Book!

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Sorry I have been so absent lately... There is no other excuse then not prioritizing or managing my time correctly.  It seems to be a pattern that I cannot stay on track during the month of July every year.  Now that I have noticed it, I promise next year I will work extra hard for July to make sure that I do not repeat this pattern next summer.

As I was reading my emails today, I came across an email from Erin Condren and I was super excited to see that she is now selling coloring books for adults.  I have heard rumblings about them for a while, but when I saw that she is selling them, I immediately downloaded and printed her sample page to color when I get home from work tonight.

I then turned around and went to Amazon to buy this adult coloring book.  With Amazon Prime, it was $10.47 and would be here in two days, so I jumped all over that opportunity {I will have to save up for the EC Coloring Book as it would be $20 with shipping // maybe for Christmas?} 

If you didn't know, there are a ton of benefits from coloring - when you are a child AND when you are an adult.  Check out some of these article about coloring & adults:

I cannot wait for my new coloring book to come in the mail! Now to go out and get some new color pencils - perfect time of year since it's back to school shopping time! 

Question of the Day: What do miss doing as a child that you "can't" do as an adult? Why don't you do it anymore?

I'd love to hear from you!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Had My First Run....

....and I Didn't Die.

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I signed up to run a 1/2 marathon, but I honestly had not taken the time to get a run in until today.  Thank you to my friend Christina for encouraging me to get my butt outside and moving for the first run of the training plan.

Because I am working with Hope Water Project, they provided a training plan that I could follow to get ready for the 1/2 Marathon in January.  This week I am supposed to run Monday, walk Tuesday, run Wednesday, Crosstrain Thursday, Rest Friday, Run Saturday and Rest Sunday.  Instead of running last night, I ended up doing an arm workout with Christina, so we got in a run today.

Obviously I am starting out at square one since I have not ran in a few years, and let me tell you, it was a lot more difficult than I thought.  My calves were screaming, my lungs were screaming and I was overall very tired.  However, now that I am sitting here writing this, I do not feel nearly as badly as I did while we were out there.  Yay!

We ended up doing a little longer of a run than I had originally planned, but I was okay with that since we got frozen yogurt.  If you have never tried frozen yogurt (froyo) then you need to make your way to your local froyo place and give it a shot! So delicious and 1/3 the calories of regular ice cream.  

Thankfully Christina used her app to track our time, but I am on the hunt for a good running app or watch.  Which leads me to the question of the day: 

What is your favorite running app/watch? 

Leave your recommendations in the comment section - I look forward to reading about your favorites!

I'd love to hear from you!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm Running a 1/2 Marathon!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! We ended up having a very relaxing weekend and spent some quality time with friends and made some new friends on Saturday.  

I am super excited to share with you that I have been accepted to run a 1/2 Marathon at Disney this coming January! This will be my first ever 1/2 marathon so I am nervous and super excited.  Plus, I will be running at Disney of all places.  Hello Mickey Mouse!

But the best part of this race is not that it will be at Disney World, but the fact that I will be raising money to support the Pokot People.

About Hope Water Project
Hope Water Project is a community that is designed to raise awareness about the lack of water available to the Pokot People.  The Pokot people are a group of nearly 1,000,000 people in Kenya and only 10% of them have access to clean water.  This means that of the 1,000,000 Pokot People, 900,000 of them do not have access to clean water... 900,000 people do not have access to the most basic necessity for all living creatures.

What I am Doing
I am very excited and feel very blessed to have the opportunity to run the Disney Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) in January 2016. This will be my first ever half marathon, so it only seems fitting that I take the opportunity to raise awareness for a good cause while challenging myself to likely the most difficult thing I will ever do in my life.  If donating money is not something you are able or interested in doing, that's okay! I just ask that you please pray for the Pokot People, pray for the other racers and pray for safety while we all run.  

The more people who know about this issue, the more we can make change.

How You Can Help:
I currently have a goal to raise $1,000 dollars by the time I race in January 2016. If I can get 77 people to donate $1 for every mile (13 total) I run, then I will easily hit my goal of $1,000.  If you are interested in supporting this wonderful cause, you can either donate at Hope Water Project or you can donate through the Go Fund Me widget below (and on the side bar).  As a reminder 100% of all funds raised will go toward Hope Water Project and I will not be keeping any for myself. 

My Goal:
My goal throughout this process is to have regular updates for you all on how things are going.  This will be my first 1/2 Marathon so I would greatly appreciate any tips, suggestions, and feedback on running that you all think would be helpful to me.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog! I look forward to going on this journey with you all! 

I'd love to hear from you!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July: Month @ a Glanc

Happy July Friends!

Hello Again from Austin! Today is my last full day here and I will be in meetings alllllllll day so I wanted to check in first thing this morning before my day got busy.  June turned out to be a busier month than I was expecting it to but it turned out great. 

Plus, I opened up my very own Etsy Shop! If you haven't had a chance to check it out, make sure to head over there and check out my Facebook Page.  I'm trying to hit 100 likes within the first month and would be super excited if you all helped me hit my goal. 

July is going to be a busy month for us between visitors and weddings.  I'm excited about everything but I am also hoping I can get everything done and get a few more paintings up on my Etsy Page.  

In Chronological Order:
  • Austin for Work (I come home on the 2nd)
  • 4th of July Party with a few friends
  • Start training for the 1/2 marathon (more on that later) 
  • Head to the east side of the Mitten with Sarah for the weekend
  • Dwayne and Wendy Visit for the weekend
  • Cedar Point with a group of Friends
  • Emily's Wedding
  • Dwayne and Wendy Visit again 

Other Goals for July:
Read at least two books
 Workout 12 times with Christina or Sarah
Complete every scheduled run for the month of July
Have at least 10 blog posts

Question of the Day: What fun things do you have planned in July? 

I'd love to hear from you!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Strawberry Picking 2015

Hello from Austin! I have to say I have not been to Texas in a loooongggg time.  It is 91 degrees with 95% humidity right now so I am melting every time I go outside.  A group of about fourteen of us flew out last night from Detroit and arrived late last night.

On my flight, I took advantage of the three hours without technology and finally read any part of a book for this month.  June has been a bit crazy for me between being busy and being sick.

Over the weekend we celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday by going Strawberry picking for the fourth year in a row.  


On Sunday morning, Justin and I got up around 7:30 to get out the door and make our way out to Spicer's Orchard.  All four years we have done strawberry picking, we have gone to Spicer's Orchard.  I really enjoy going there because they are reasonably priced and super convenient to use.  Plus the staff is super friendly.

Justin and I were a few minutes late, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for the tractor to come and get us.  Honestly I was a bit worried that the weather would not be good because the day before was the worse day we've had weather wise this summer.  

The day ended up being absolutely perfect for strawberry picking.  It was sunny with a few fluffy clouds but not too hot nor too humid.  We honestly could not have asked for more beautiful weather for strawberry picking.  And of course McKenna and J.P. ate a ton of strawberries.  Look how cute she is with strawberry all over her face and shirt.  I just love her.  

I love this tradition so much and look forward to doing it for many years to come!!

After the orchard we headed back to my in-law's house to make strawberry jam.  I was super excited to make the jam because I have never made jam before.  I did not realize that there was SO much work that went into making jam.  

I can't wait to get home from Austin so I can try some of our jelly!

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This picture is from our first time going strawberry picking! My sister-in-law was pregnant for this round.  It's amazing how much has changed since then. 

I'd love to hear from you!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday #3

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today I am linking up with Mix and Match FamilyPinterest Told Me To and The Larson Lingo for the What's Up Wednesday Post.  What's Up Wednesday occurs on the last Wednesday of every month and it is a fun list of questions getting ready for the upcoming month!

1. What We're Eating This Week:

This week has been a bit busy and we will be eating out three times this week.  Monday night we had P.F. Changs, last night we had Nacho Pie, tonight we're having fast food, tomorrow we're having Spaghetti and Friday we are going out to dinner for a date night.  

2. What I'm Reminiscing About:

On Saturday night we went out to celebrate Sarah's birthday and it was so much fun! I loved getting out with my friends and just having a good time.   

3. What I'm Loving

The clouds! I have been seeing some pretty crazy clouds around here lately and I love it.  I just wish I could reach up and pluck them from the sky.  

4. What We've Been Up To
Honestly, we have not been up to too much lately.  We have a busy month ahead of us for the Month of July, so we are making sure to enjoy the down time while we have some. 

I have been working on my Etsy Shop and getting some listings up on there.  If you didn't notice, I created a tab at the top of my page with more information about the Etsy Shop.

5. What I'm Dreading
I am dreading working out on my own.  I have been consistently working out with Christina and she is going to be out of town this weekend and I am out for work next week.  I am going to do it but I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. 

6. What I'm Working On
Paintings and travel plans!

I have been working on getting a ton of paintings done for my Etsy shop and I am excited to say that I am starting to generate a little activity.  I feel so blessed that I already have 66 likes on my Facebook Page within 10 days.  

7. What I'm Looking Forward To

Next week I fly to Austin for work.  This is my first ever time travelling for work so I am both nervous and excited.  I have never been to Austin, but I have been to Texas so it will be exciting to head back south for a few days. 

8. What I'm Watching/Reading

I have not read any books in the month of June {for shame} but I have been enjoying the kick off of the summer shows.  Currently I am excited about what will happen in Mistresses and Pretty Little Liars.  

9. What I'm Listening To

 Still listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack on YouTube.  I loved the movie + the soundtrack so much so it only seemed appropriate to listen to the soundtrack on YouTube. 

10. What I'm Wearing

I have been loving this dress from Target lately! I found it for $8.63 at a target by my house and it is perfect for this warmer weather we have been having.  Honestly, I have been wearing a ton of dresses lately and have been loving it.  

11. What I'm Doing This Weekend

Friday night, Justin and I are staying at the Royal Park Hotel for the night.  Then Saturday I have a bridal shower and Sunday we're going Strawberry Picking with Justin's family for my mother-in-law's birthday.  I am hoping the weather holds out for our big day.  

12. What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

We have a ton of exciting things coming up next month, but I think I am most excited for Wendy coming to visit! She will be here for two different weekends and I really look forward to catching up with her.

13. What Else is New
I have lost a total of 9" all over my body and a total of 2 pounds.  It's amazing how much change can happen without much weight loss.  I'll make sure to post an update for everyone once I have it all ready for ya'll.  

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I'd love to hear from you!

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